SKŸE is a Melbourne based creative. Finding inspiration and influence from all aspects of life. He focuses his writing on the highs and lows of love and lust. Exploring a passion for singing and telling a story through performance in hopes to leave a mark on the world. SKŸE's love for music began at a young age when the influences of Etta James, Sam Cooke and Beyoncé took a hold. Inspired by these powerful voices, SKŸE replicated what he heard, constantly challenging and pushing himself with new techniques, styles and genres until finding his own sound.


In 2015, he auditioned for The Voice Australia and made it into the Top 16. Captivating both audience and coaches with his androgynous vocals, he found strength in his individuality. The Voice gave him insight into the industry and what it takes to pursue music as a career.


Now SKŸE is focusing on his artistry and collaboration. The singer of Hip-Hop/Jazz band KongKord, as well as many side projects,  allows him to exist in multiple worlds. Working with artists and producers as a session songwriter as well as the creation of his forthcoming EP. His latest release   'Better' exploring the clarity of heinsight has reached 1.4 million streams on Spotify having gotten featured on Spotify curated playlist 'Sad Songs' being played in 65 countries.



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