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Anonymous Love Letters

A love story directed by you!

Welcome to an art project I'm creating in support of my 'Love Like That' single release. With your help I'd love to create some art pieces inspired by a tale of love as scripted by you!


 To see your story turned into art, comment your experience that you've had with love and any lessons you've learnt from it! It can be anything from an incredible partnership to an unrequited love story to a one night experience of passion. Anything you'd like you name it!


 Get as detailed as you feel. All of these will be anonymous so no stress in everybody being all up in your business! ALSO this is a safe space where all expressions of love are beautiful thats including my LGBTQI+ fam xx

Add your story down below!
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anonymous love letters.
good or bad tale of love?heavynot so goodbittersweetbeautifulincrediblegood or bad tale of love?

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